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Show Rules and Guidelines

Show Rules and Guidelines 

No Solicitation

Exhibitors are present at our shows to market their work. Exhibitors, or their representatives, will not engage in any type of solicitation of any products, supplies, shows, etc. during the course of the show. The exhibitors’ role is to sell their work and not engage in any other non-related business activities during the course of the event.  Failure to comply could be cause for expulsion from the show.




1> Only categories juried prior to your acceptance are allowed. Any appearing in your both at an event must be removed. Artists are only permitted to apply with one medium.

2> All applications require 3 photos of your work along with 1 photo of your outdoor display. We will not process your application without a photo of your outdoor display.

3> Outdoor shows require artists booths be a white tent with each leg of the tent weighted down with a minimum of 40 pounds of weight.

4> Handwritten signs and sale signs are not allowed.

5> Artists will clean their exhibit space after packing up at break down. Should there be trash left in the exhibit area after an event, we reserve the right to prohibit your attendance at future shows.

6> The stated jury fee must be paid at the time of submitting the application.

7> Cancellations - There are no refunds for outdoor shows closed early due to inclement weather.

8> Bank Fees – A $25 bank fee will be charged on all return checks. The check amount plus the $25 fee is payable with a credit card, money order, cashier’s check or cash.

9> Exhibitors will receive an ample amount of booth space, which varies depending on the venue.  All work, display and storage will be confined to the assigned space.

10> Artists must be checked in prior to 7:45 AM on morning of the shows first day, otherwise they will be considered a NO-SHOW and their booth space will be re-assigned if necessary.

11> Management reserves the right to make final interpretations of all rules and regulations.

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